25 Things To Do Before You’re 25: Go To A Professional Sports Game

Hello all!

Welcome back to another ‘edition’ of 25 Things To Do Before You’re 25! Today i’m checking off a professional sports game! Batter Up! (Sorry that won’t happen again.)

I’m originally from Dayton, and there aren’t any professional teams located there. So we had to travel a bit to find one which isn’t a problem since Ohio seems to be ripe with professional sports teams. Not that they are extraordinarily good sports teams, but some of them do alright and we love them regardless. So since it was summer before I turned 25 we went to the sport that falls right in line with summer, baseball.

IMG_2885 Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks!

I have been to a couple Cincinnati Reds games before, one semi-pro Lake Erie Monsters hockey game, a few very semi-pro Dayton Demonz Hockey games (which are sooo much fun) and Dayton Dragons baseball games, and recently I went to a preseason Indianapolis Colts game. In order to check off this list item, I returned to the Nasty Nati with some friends to go to another Reds game. It had been awhile since I had been to a Reds game, so this was my first time in the new stadium! If you are ever in Cinci, I highly recommend checking it out because you can find tickets for fairly cheap! I love that the new stadium is right by the river and you can see the riverboats floating by. I also love the smokestacks that shoot fire when the Reds hit a home run.

IMG_2869And they have only caught on fire once! 

I’m not a particularly huge fan of baseball, or of most sports, but I do enjoy going to actual games. There is something in the atmosphere when you are surrounded by hundreds of fans cheering on their favorite teams. You don’t have to be a sports fan to love the smell of hot dogs and popcorn all around you and a cold beer on a hot day (albeit overpriced). I love hot dogs regardless if I buy them at the store and cook them myself or if a loud man passed one down to me from a box hanging around his shoulders. They seem to taste better at a ballpark though.

IMG_2876 Get in ma belly!

You have to really hate life to not laugh at least a little bit at the antics of the mascots or partake in the customary singing  of  ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame’.  Also there are few things that make me feel as American as when I’m singing the national anthem at a game of American’s favorite past time. The chants that seem to be ingrained in our DNA, the failed attempts at completing a wave, the people from all different backgrounds all there for the same reason; all these things are what make baseball games, any sports games really, a pretty cool experience. An experience that is one unlike anything i’ve experienced elsewhere. Baseball games and drive-in movie theaters are two iconic American things, that I always make sure to show to out of the country visitors.

IMG_2881 Murica.

What was really nice about this game was that the Reds won! Now the absolute best part of going to a game? Going with friends!

IMG_2875 I love my fraaaaaandz!

IMG_2873Props to the photobomb gents. You have my utmost respect.

Overall, it was a great game to go to on a beautiful sunny day. We had some food, some beers, some laughs, and some more beers. It can’t get much better than that. My only regret is that I didn’t get any cracker jacks.

What did I learn?
I will never be a huge sports fan, this I knew. However, I know how sports can be a huge part of people’s lives. I know the love of sports is something to be passed down to children, shared with significant others, or debated over with friends. I think, and feel free to correct me if you think i’m wrong, but there are few things in this country, even in this world, that can connect people better than sports. Every country, every place in this world has sports teams and it is one of the oldest past times (sex is probably the oldest past time, let us be honest). It brings people together, and pushes them apart, which is when I shake my head and walk away. You could have nothing in common with someone other than the love of soccer or basketball and suddenly you are connected. I think that’s amazing, and you should at least attend a pro sports game at some point in your life to be a part of the experience!

Although, i’ll still never understand the absolute day-shattering despair and moodiness of some people after their team loses a game. But I’ve given up on understanding that.

Until next time, never forget:
Adventure is out there, so never stop exploring!



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