25 Things To Do Before You’re 25: Grocery Store Explore

Hello Explorers!

Today’s item to be crossed off the list is a bit of a fun one!

‘Grocery Store Explore’ is an idea given to me by my friend Sarah (who faced the consequences of her actions and did it with me) where you go to the store and buy the 5 weirdest, oddest things you can find and give them a try.

We decided to give this one a try at our local Kroger store because, shockingly, it snows in Ohio and we didn’t want to drive all the way to Dorthy Lane Market behind people driving 15 miles/hr.

So first let me introduce you to my other tasters:

The lovely and brilliant Bri and the pretty and talented Sarah!IMG_1992

And here are our selections:

1.) Murray Espresso Ballavitano Cheese
IMG_1989 Espresso and cheese … together? Go home, Kroger, you’re drunk.

2.) Syrup Sponge
IMG_1987 I enjoy canned eats as much as the next gal, but cake? Come on, England.

3.) Teriyaki Spam
IMG_1986 Sorry Hawaii, I know you love it but is it really that ‘glorious’? It’s canned meat.

4.) Marble Halvah
IMG_1991 This is heavy, seems denser than it should be. Should I be concerned?

5.) Dried Goji Berries
IMG_1990 I have no feelings towards how these will be at all.

6.) Ramune ‘Original Flavor’ soft drink
IMG_2021 What is ‘original flavor’ exactly??

Some of these choices may seem pretty tame, I realize, but we had to work with what we found. If we were at all near an Asian market/store worth it’s salt, this post would have been entirely different. Although, having lived in China I have pretty much already tried my fair share of pickled snacks and oddly flavored chips. You can imagine my dismay when biting into a cracker to find it fish flavored.

A few of the contenders:
1.) Passion Fruit. Have you ever actually picked one up? They feel strangely hollow.
2.) Cranberry Pepper Jelly. Meh.
3.) Ginger Cayenne Drink. I know cayenne is supposed to be all good for you and detox-y, but the only drinks I like spicy are bloody Mary’s.
4.) Fruit and yogurt (If that is in fact what it was) gelatin. I don’t know exactly what it was, but it jiggled way too much for my taste.

Our predictions:
The Syrup Sponge got 1 ‘weirdest’ vote and 1 ‘worst’ vote.
The Espresso Cheese got 1 ‘best’ vote.
The Marble Halvah got 2 ‘weirdest’ votes, and 1 ‘best’ vote.
The Spam got 2 ‘worst’ votes.

The Results:

1.) Murray Espresso Bellavitano Cheese
Definitely delicious! Worth a try (and a second buy) for anyone who likes cheese and coffee! The espresso did nothing but help accent the cheese itself.

2.) Syrup Sponge
IMG_1997-0 IMG_2007 IMG_2010 Can I just add that it smelled real weird coming out of the can. This was the biggest upset by a long shot, however. With 1 vote for it being both the ‘weirdest’ and the ‘worst’ it was actually surprisingly good. Watch my reaction here:

I was still not overly impressed in the video, but here was the end result:

IMG_2014 I’m pretty sure the only reason that one bite was left was because no one wanted to be the one who ate the last bit. I take it back, England, well done.

3.) Teriyaki Spam
Aaaaand on the other hand. When we tried spam.

I’m really sorry if you like spam and this offends you for some reason, but I couldn’t get past the texture. To each their own!

4.) Marbled Halvah
This wasn’t a favorite of Bri and Sarah, I on the other hand, actually quite enjoyed it. I’m actually snacking on some now. It reminds me of a slightly sweeter version of a sesame snack I had when I lived in China. I’m trying to not like it so much though, because it is about 390 calories per serving (4 servings per container). So it’s basically sugar and sesame. Sesame is good for you … right?

5.) Dried Goji Berries
The general consensus between Sarah and Bri was that they weren’t bad and would be better if they were added to something like oatmeal or cake. I couldn’t get past the fact, however, that they tasted like how my hamster’s food smells; vaguely ceder-y and dry. Having eaten hamster treats before (don’t ask) I was not a fan.

6.) Ramune Soft Drink
Now for a mystery Japanese soft drink to wash it all down! Not only was this drink actually quite tasty (although i’m still not sure what exactly the ‘original flavor’ is) but it also had a pretty awesome method for opening the bottle. You pushed a little ball down into the bottle which was pinched in at the bottom of the neck so the little (glass? plastic?) ball caught there. Leave it to the Japanese to make an ingenious soda bottle.

So what did I learn from this:
I know some people might be thinking that this is a silly thing to have on a list of 25 things to do before you’re 25, but I disagree. I think people grow up too fast nowadays. Peter Pan may have been on to something, thimble kisses and all. Yeah, I get that there is a benefit in being mature and responsible and all that jazz. You know like paying your bills on time and not acting dramatic like you are still in high school and wearing pants more often. But does that mean we have to act old and completely forget to have good ol’ fashioned silly fun every now and then. No! You are only as old as you feel. I don’t believe in feeling ‘old’ at any age, but especially not when i’m still so young. So go do something silly, go to the store with friends and buy some ‘weird’ things and have fun! Enjoy being young! Even if you aren’t numerically young, you can still feel like it.

Also for an inspiring, quick watch here is a BuzzFeed video called ’27 Things To Do Before You Settle Down’, that has some definite parallels with my list!

Go have fun, visit Neverland, your youth is waiting for you.

Until next time,
Adventure is out there, so never stop exploring!


P.S. I’ve also added a video I did while I was in China tasting a durian fruit for the first time. It is a bit long, and over a year ago, but here it is if you want to watch!


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