25 Things to Do Before You’re 25

Hello Adventurers! In just under 6 months I will turn 25 and because it is a milestone year (quarter century and all) I decided to do a list of 25 things that I should do before my birthday in July. I know there are many lists like this scattered around the internet, so I decided to make mine a bit different. I have asked friends, family and coworkers what they think one should accomplish before they turn 25. I received more than enough suggestions to make this list two times over, but I only have 6 months (and a job to do) so I narrowed it down to the top 25, adding a few of my own. Over the next 6 months i’m going to complete the list and document them here. Some of these things I have already accomplished, but they were mentioned to me more than once, so I thought they merited a spot on the list. Let’s see where these next 6 months take me!

25 Things To Do Before You Turn 25:

1.) Go Skydiving
Words of wisdom from Pop: “There is no reason to jump out of a perfectly good plane unless it’s on fire.” I’ll keep that in mind.

2.) Pull an All-nighter
Sure, i’ve done this many times… during university finishing papers, or in China dancing until the lights came on, but it seems to be increasingly harder as I get older. So let’s have one more go at it!

3.) Go to a professional sports game
Go sports team! Go!

4.) Leave the Country
Aaaaaand cue wanderlust.

5.) Visit 25 states
I have 19 so far? This one might be challenging.

6.) Go on a ride along with a police officer
Hopefully i’ll get to taze someone!

7.) Hike 25 miles of the Appalachian Trail
Showering optional.

8.) Watch the first 25 of IMDB’s top 250 movies of all time
Consume much popcorn.

9.) Build something out of wood from scratch
It doesn’t count if Pop does it for you.

10.) Perfect a signature dish
Perfectly microwaving pizza rolls so they don’t explode doesn’t count. French bread pizzas, however, are another matter.

11.) Visit 25 breweries in the tri-state area
Because beer.

12.) Be 17 Again.
It’s cool, most everyone still mistakes me for 17 anyway.

13.) Take yourself out of your comfort zone.
Go to a nude beach and get naked! Or if you aren’t feeling that rambunctious just join a new book club or go to a nice restaurant by yourself. But I recommend the public nudity thing.

14.) Get another tattoo
Definitely on my face. A big spider on my face. Yeah… that will look really cool.

15.) Go to the grocery store and try the craziest 5 things you can find
Seaweed chips? Huh, that sounds good. Oh god no. No! Why!?

16.) Volunteer
Doesn’t matter if it is one time or something you do on a normal basis, give back. I’ve been so fortunate, time to pay it back.

17.) Read a classic book you haven’t read yet
So we meet again, Grapes of Wrath.

18.) Pay it forward 25 times, even if it is just something small like coffee
I love you, world!

19.) Participate in some type of 5k run
And hopefully finish.

20.) Take your family out to dinner to thank them for being amazing and helping you make it to a quarter century
In one piece, more or less.

21.) Go paint balling

22.) Fall in love and Be Loved In Return
Even if it doesn’t last forever.

23.) Pick up a new language
Or continue to learn the three you’ve been working on since high school.

24.) Pick a day, pick a direction and drive until your gas tank runs out. Try to visit all the typical “cheesy” tourist locations along the way
World’s largest ball of yarn, here I come!

25.) Learn to do something new!
Maybe it’s crocheting, maybe kickboxing, maybe it’s learning to breathe underwater.

So there’s my list! Thank you to everyone who suggested ideas. If anyone has any other ideas please feel free to leave them in a comment below! If I find a really good idea a little down the road I might be willing to make a substitution. I would love to do all of the suggestions I received, but I do only have 6 months left before my birthday and i’m not sure my job would appreciate it if I left every other day to go gallivanting off to another place to swim in the ocean or hop a plane to another country (even though that sounds amazing).

Some of the things on this list will be pretty easy to accomplish, others not so much. I am, however, excited to get started on these new adventures!

Ready. Set. Go!

Until next time, explorers, never forget:
Adventure is out there, so never stop exploring.



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