Chillin’ in China – A Quick Recap of the Last Few Weeks

Well this is embarrassing. It seems that I am a bit behind on my blogging. I have been here for 9 weeks and I only have 6 blogs up. Shame on me. I apologize for any distress this might have caused you. I know that this blog is an integral part of your day. I’ll try to be less thoughtless from now on. 
Since I need to catch up to current affairs, I have decided to give you a quick recap of the last few weeks – rhyme style.
The past few weeks were a bit of a blur,
as school visit after school visit caused quite a stir.
First to visit was Turkey, bringing many delights,
which i’m eating right now with yummy little bites. (They brought Turkish Delight, eh eh get it!?)
We went to an ancient town called Wuzhen,
ate lots and lots of food, and then
showed our visitors all around Hangzhou,
until the week was over and it was time to go.
Next up was a group from Germany,
but on the weekend I was off to a KTV, 
which if you don’t know is basically karaoke,
but your group has its own room, for more privacy. (four lines in a row, i’m a boss)
It was business as usual the next week,
The kids in my classes are becoming less meek.
They prepared for the school’s big sports meeting,
for which each class organized a greeting.
The meeting turned out to be a big success,
and we didn’t have classes for two days, yes!
That same weekend was Halloween,
and there were lots of costumes to be seen.
So now it is the month of November,
and I should always, definitely remember
never, ever to quit my day job
because my rhymes are probably inciting a mob.
I hope you enjoyed my rhyming recap, and no, I can’t promise that I will never do that again. Although, I’m thinking I might try some awesomely alliterations next time.
There are, however, some things I want to expand on from my ridiculous rhyming recap ( uh oh it is starting already).
I was really only involved with the visit from the Turkish school, but it was plenty for me. The three representatives arrived on Thursday and we didn’t stop until Sunday night. I was actually glad when I had to go to class on Monday. Not that I didn’t enjoy the visit because I did! The three women who came to sign the sister schools agreement were very nice and a lot of fun, but it was a tiring weekend. The trip to Wuzhen was lots of fun as well. It is sort of like a Chinese Venice. The town managed to still be peaceful despite being a heavy tourist destination.
We sat at little cafe for about an hour after lunch and just watched the boats drift by. I could have stayed there all day. It made me really miss my coffee shop at home; a place to sit for hours and get away from the house. That being said, I finally found a coffee shop within walking distance to campus! When I say walking distance, I mean any place that it takes less than an hour to get to on foot. This adorable coffee shop fits the bill perfectly. It takes about 30-40 minutes to walk there, but to me it is well worth it. The barista was friendly and even spoke a little English, the coffee was rich and creamy, the couches were comfy and the decorations were simple but so cute. As the (wonderfully done) heart on my coffee shows, I am definitely in love.
The sports meeting was what I can only describe as a pep rally meets talent show meets track and field competition. All of the different classes at the school had to prepare a type of dance or karate presentation etc. to show the school during the opening ceremonies. The kids practiced for weeks, and they had costumes and props and everything. It was adorable and a pretty awesome thing to experience. It was nice to see the kids in another environment than the classroom. Nice to see them running around and having fun, and well, being kids. I sometimes feel like I don’t see that enough here.
For the rest of the day and the next there were all kinds of track and field events that any student, or teacher, could participate in. Before you ask, no I did not participate. However, I would have if I had known ahead of time that there was a three legged race. I don’t want to brag or anything, but I can run a pretty mean three legged race, with the right partner of course.
Now for those of you who don’t know me, and for some who do, I love, love, love Halloween. It is my favorite holiday, and I refuse to not celebrate it to some degree. Even if I am in a country that doesn’t celebrate Halloween. You can’t stop me, China! Obviously there are others who have feel the same as me. As a result, many of the bars here that cater mostly to foreigners held Halloween parties. So even though it was a Thursday, and I had to be up at 6 the next morning, I annoyed my friends until I had convinced a decently large group to go out with me and cause happy Halloween havoc (oh I’m doing it again). I originally was going to dress up at Cat Woman, but I wanted to do the Michelle Pfeiffer Cat Woman (personally my favorite, sorry Halle and Anne). I wanted to go full on black catsuit with white stitching and pointy eared hat and whip. But as you can imagine, I hit a slight snare. By slight snare I mean giant spring loaded snare attached to bear trap. I probably could have bought all the supplies I needed off line, but who knows how long it would have taken for everything to get all the way here to China? I don’t even know if I can receive packages yet. I also don’t exactly have a Hobby Lobby down the street, even though that would be incredible and I could stop scavenging garbage to decorate with. I only wish I was joking. So I scrapped the Cat Woman idea for another time, and decided to go along a very similar, but punnier path. I went as a cat burglar. Think about it…. Yep. I am so punny.
Unfortunately you are missing the glory of the full costume in this picture. I had a $$ bag and a tail and I even went as far as buying leather pants. Did I mention that I loved Halloween? My Halloween night started with delicious mozzarella sticks (the most cheese I have had since I have been in China), a fairy, two “Chinese tourists in L.A.”, and a half skeleton. The night ended with Shaggy from Scooby Doo complete with Scooby Snacks, a rocker chic, an ‘identity crisis’, a Frenchman (not a costume), and a free bottle of wine (please see photo above). Why did I have a free bottle of wine you ask!? Well I won second place in a costume contest! Not too shabby! I’m a little bitter though about losing to the ‘shower girl’ who wrapped a towel around her head and torso and wore slippers. She got a bottle of bourbon and free salsa lessons! Bitter, party of one. Bitter, party of one please. I do have to hand it to her though, she probably didn’t spend any money on her costume. So touche, shower girl, touche. 
That pretty much wraps things up! It has been fairly quiet on the China front. Although, I have discovered and realized a lot in these past few weeks; mostly good things, but i’m not THAT much of an optimist to never admit when there are bad things that happen (I think that sounds more ominous than I wanted it to). But I think i’ll save those for a time when I’m feeling a bit more philosophical and wise, and since I just rhymed Germany, KTV, karaoke, and privacy together, I don’t think this is that time.
So until then, thank you for coming on this justifiably jovial journey (couldn’t help myself) with me, and don’t forget:
Adventure is out there, so never stop exploring! 

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